Sunday, May 30, 2010

Career in Beauty

My mom graduated from a beauty school and later on she fulfilled her dream by making others look and beautiful by opening a salon way back in the 60’s. I saw some photos of her while attending to her clients and I must say that she’s quite good at it.

You know, I also remember her telling me that when you love doing something that you like, you’ll feel that it’s not a job. So for those that wanted to pursue a career in beauty and cosmetology, if you’re in Virginia area, you can check out Virginia Beauty School to pursue your beauty dreams. Not all have a passion for it, so if you have, take advantage of it.

Working on Sunday

I’m swamped with work these days and I guess I’m going to stay up a little bit late tonight. I wasn’t able to finish some tasks this morning because after lunch time, we went to the mall to have a little shopping. My best times to work is early morning till mid afternoon and I go slowly by night time as my brain is getting tired as well. Tonight will be an exception I guess because some pending works are still needed to be done.a

I hope after working so hard these past few days, I’ll give time to my self once again. I badly need a haircut and a hair color. Aside from unsightly gray hairs, getting rid of blackheads on my face (on nose area) are some of my beauty concerns. I will allocate a budget for my beauty treatment since I really need to reward myself for still working on a Sunday.

Sumptuous Dinner

I just had a late dinner alone tonight. It’s not unusual for me to eat this late because most of the times I’m still full. Just like any other day I’m still full because I had a heavy snack this afternoon. I went to the mall with my SIL and her daughter this afternoon to buy some school supplies and after about 2 hours of shopping, I bought a plato wrap’s chicken sandwich to settle my hungriness. I took it at home, ate it with an iced tea. It's Sunday so I have the license to laze around in my room afterward.

Anyway, I cooked buffalo chicken wings for dinner and mom liked it as well. I also had a slice of sans rival cake, banana and I guess I’m having coffee afterwards.

Future Investments

Now that my work is pouring in, I’m very blessed and thankful for that because I have resources where I can get to pay all the bills. I’m also trying to find more ways to earn a bit, just in case you didn’t know I joined a digiscrapping kit designing contest and won 3rd place and even though the prize is just small, it adds to my savings.

I’m also searching for something to invest in, something stable like investing in gold
but since I don’t have enough savings to buy gold coins I’ll just leave it to other investors. I also don’t have much knowledge on gold investing so probably one of these days if I’ll do that I’ll do my research first.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Eating Healthy: Cauliflower and other Veggies with Oyster Sauce

These days, I found myself cooking healthier meals once again. Just been tired of eating the same pork or beef recipe over and over again. I've been trying to eat healthy these days and this Cauliflower with Oyster Sauce is my favorite. It's just easy to cook and no deep cooking skills are needed. All you need to do is to stir fry the veggies with shrimp and add oyster sauce for flavorful sauce. Yum, I can't wait to cook this again.

I guess this is good for those that are dieting, eat lots of veggies but lessen your rice intake. We all need to learn more how to eat more veggies and fruits. That I have to teach my nephew who is so picky when it comes to food.

No More Coke for me!

Hooray! I'm Coke free for the longest time! I started to stay away from drinking Coke and other softdrinks since September 2009 and I'm proud of myself. So I'm Coke free for 8 months already (except for 1 day in Feb. where I drink a bit because I attended a Jollibee party and there's no water available)!!!

Before I decided to stop drinking softdrinks, I'm usually drinking 1 bottle of Coke a day during snack time. I noticed that it's making me bloated and drowning me with lots of acid and sugar so I thought to myself I need to stop it for my own good. I also don't want to find myself with high sugar level or looking for with weight loss pills that work to burn some of my fats.

Now, I'm not craving for softdrinks anymore and even if you tease me with it, I'm not giving in anymore. As a result, I noticed that I'm less bloated (except when I have dyspepsia).

What about you are you still drinking Coke or softrinks?

Opening of Classes 2010-2011

Summer vacation is about to end soon. The kids will be in school again because the opening of School year 2010- 2011 will be in June. Private schools will start by June 14 while Public schools will be on June 15, 2010, and for sure school furniture
are also ready on these dates.

As of now many students are enrolled and bought their books already just like some of my nephews and nieces. By Sunday, I'll be buying some school supplies for my nephew and niece as what I've promised and they are excited over it.

Dyspepsia !

Oh no, not again! I've been having indigestion since yesterday and I'm hate it.

I'm feeling quite full again right now eventhough I only ate little bit this dinner time. See ....I don't even need any best weight loss pills just in case I'm worrying about my figure because I'm looking after my food intake. I'm just careful that it will also lead to heartburn cuz I don't want to experience shortness of breath and pains in my chest once again. Worst is that I burp every now and then and feels like my tummy is about to burst.

I decided not to take my motilium medicine because I don't want my body to just rely on medicines to heal it. To relieve the fullness feeling, what I did was to rub Chinese katinko ointment that has a mint effect so that I can feel a little better. If it will not go away till tomorrow, I have no choice but to drink my medicine already.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank God for The Rain

The recent heatwave that we've been experiencing for the last 2 months or so is just making people sick and uncomfortable. There are also reports of people that died due to heatstroke. The weather bureau announced that the hottest temperature that we got was the other day when it reached 38C!!!!! Wow, that's why it's way too hot, humid and sticky that day. It's just unbearable!

Yesterday afternoon, the weather changed slightly and it was a bit cloudy and windy. I thought it's going to rain because I could also hear a thunderstorm but it didn't. I woke up this morning, still feeling hot but I heard that it's raining. Yehey!!! it's cooling off our temperature and soaking the land and our patio furniture with rain waters. It's what we've been waiting for the last months and it's here.

I'm not wishing to rain everyday, but just some drizzles to cool down the temperature is enough for me so I can work a bit more comfortable.

Acquring a New Vehicle

My mom and bother are always having a conversation about thoughts of selling our van and replacing it with a different model. Our Lite Ace van which is only a pre-owned when we got it about a year ago got some problems. My bro always notice that it’s overheating during long drives and the aircon is not getting cold most of the time or if so unlucky it will not work anymore.

My bro needs to have it checked at the auto shop and if the estimate for its repair is too high then I guess it’s time to sell that already. Eventhough we like the features and the look of the van, its maintenance is not practical anymore. I know my bro will be searching for used vans once again online and on papers like what he did last year.

Acquiring a new vehicle involves paper works and that is something my bother is not fond of doing. Aside from having it registered, acquiring cheapest auto insurance, which is a must and required the process of transfer of ownership, can take a while. Anyway, if we really want to get a new used vehicle then I guess we have to just follow the procedure.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

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1. Online works are pouring in so much
Mom's blood pressure is going back to normal
3. Had a good afternoon rest eventhough my legs are kinda cramping or feels like its too tired.
My Hongkong photobook arrived already and I love it
5. Eating my fave black forest cake right now
6. Being able to help someone financially
7. More work inquiries and getting pending works done

Taking Control of Our Spending

It’s the end of the month again and what’s next with that, bills will be coming of course. I hope you are prepared for that because if not it will be a problem. I sometimes whine when my bills are here but I always say to myself that to get rid of the bills, I should not use electric, water etc I have to live with that because it’s part of life.

Some people are in deep debt and the most common is when they are not paying their credit card dues. They tend to disregard notices but little did they know that interest are still there and are already accumulating. Sooner or later they will find that they are drowning in debt already and they need to seek credit card debt settlement to help them out get out of the mess as much as possible. We should always keep in our minds that we need to have control of our spending. Money coming in should higher than your expenses.

School Supplies Needed

Wow it’s only 2 more weeks and it’s back to school once again for students. My nieces and nephews who are in elementary and highschool were already enrolled for this year. Good thing is that their parents were able to allocate some money for their tuition fees and didn’t resort to their payday advance this time. It’s their priority for sure to save for it. The school year starts at private school is on June 15 and they’re already getting prepared for that. I’m not so sure if they are quite happy to be back in school because they still wanted to have their summer vacation.

Right now, they still need to buy some school supplies and I already promised that I’ll be the one to buy those for them. It’s pretty exciting to buy new notebooks, pen and papers because I remember when I was still in school I’m always anticipating the shopping at the bookstore.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bills are coming soon

It’s almost the end of the month already and sure time flies so fast. I know bills will be coming again in next few days and I guess we are always prepared for that. Yesterday and today, I already got a text message from my Internet provider company reminding me about my payment for this month. My cut off date from their company is 10th of every month that’s why they are already checking on my payment. I will settle that bill tomorrow and fortunately I have already money allocated for that.

I always see to it that the essential bills like electric, water, telephone and my Internet bills will be paid on time to avoid hassle. I’m also lucky enough to be earning to cover all the expenses but for some people they sometimes find it hard to pay their bills. I can’t blame them because sometimes unnecessary expenses or even emergency occur. These unexpected events can break our budget that sometimes employees will have to sign up for a payday advance just to augment the need for money. Anyway, just like what I’m telling to myself, there’s always a solution to a problem.

Reaching the End of Its Usable Life

Oh dear I was a bit worried when I saw this popped out of my on my laptop's screen.
I'm already noticing that my battery is easily discharging only after 1 1/2 hours unlike when it was new, my battery would last about 4 hours. I bought this DELL laptop last June of 2009 and it's gonna be one year that I'm using it.

I'm not sure if I'm charging or using my laptop's battery properly but I hope it will not die on me soon. Right now I'm always plugging it directly on the electricity most esp. if I use the CD or if I'm opening multiple applications bec. it consumes more battery power.


I've noticed lately that my right finger and right foot is feeling a little bit numb and it's a bit uncomfortable at times. I'm guessing that due to too much working or typing on my keyboard might have caused it and frequent sitting as well.

My nerves must have been damaged or it was just saying that I need to rest it for a while now since I've been working hard these past few days. What I'm trying to do is to massage the area of my fingers hoping to get blood circulation on the area. As of this writing, I can still feel it on my fingers and I just hope that this numbness will not be permanent.

WSOP Player Spotlight: Jeff Shulman

Jeff Shulman made a great impression by finishing fifth in the WSOP Main Event in 2009, but this wasn't his first time at the big tables. He entered the main event in 2000, placing seventh and earning a pot of nearly $150,000. He turned over most of his chips to Chris Ferguson, who would later go on to win that tournament. He came back again in 2003 and had another money win, finishing in thirty-first place. When he successfully made it to the final table in 2009, he hired Phil Hellmuth (the poker brat) to help him improve his game.

Born in 1975, Jeff Shulman has had a long career with various notable milestones along the way. You certainly can't deny that he comes from a family that has a long history in the game of poker. His father, Barry Shluman, was a poker player with a long list of accomplishments who became the CEO of Card Player, a magazine for poker enthusiasts. Jeff Shulman grew up around the game and became a writer and editor for Card Player.

Beyond the WSOP, Shulman has won tournaments with UPC (Ultimate Poker Challenge), including the season finale of UPC where he made the final table. Shulman also made an appearance on Poker Superstars, where he made the final table. Unlike most other players in the WSOP main event, Shulman has stated some distaste for Harrah's, the casino that runs the WSOP. He says he believes that the event used to be run by people who had an interest in the game and cared about poker, and that it has since become nothing more than a spectacle.

As of May, 2010, Shulman has won over $3 million in tournaments, including just under $2 million from his participation in the 2009 WSOP Main Event.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

Yay, been pretty busy these past few days and it's good for me. I'm still working at home all day, although it's making me crazy and bored most of the times, I'm sticking to this routine until the new school year comes. It's making me productive but at the same time it makes me miss that times that I'm going out. It also made me realize that staying at home and working at the same time is also hard.

I have many more personal things to blog about but sometimes I'm just too lazy to upload also the photos that I wanted to share. I will just post them when I got more time.

The weather is still hot and humid and it's making many people crazy because after sweating you end up sticky.. yay! It's also hard for the kids and old folks. I heard that this will continue till mid of June.. yay so we still have 2-3 weeks to endure this heat.

Insurance for your Teenage Children

If your teenage children drive a car, they will need car insurance, which, you will, in all probability, have to pay for. There are a few things to know if you are buying your kid's insurance. Most of these are things you cannot help and have no control over; but it is good to know about them, all the same.

First of all, you should know that adding your teenage children to your insurance policy is going to cost you quite a lot of money. Rightly or wrongly, insurance providers are convinced that teenagers are poor drivers. If a teenager gets his or her hand on the wheels of a car which is insured by a insurance provider, sooner or later, it is going to cost them money. Whether this is true or not, this is what they think, and they have the statistics to back them up, so it is probably true anyway. The gist of the matter is that, add your teenage kid to your insurance policy, and your premium hikes up a lot. There is nothing you can do about it, so just plan ahead.

Secondly, in a volte face of societal male-favoritism, it is taken for granted that teenage boys are more reckless drivers than teenage girls. Again, there is data to back this up; on an average, teenage boys cause more accidents every year than teenage girls. So, you have to suffer for that bit of statistical trivia, especially if you are the father of a teenage son. Your insurance premium hikes up, because insurance providers think they are at a larger risk if your teenage son drives your car.

While these are all hard facts, it is nevertheless true that there is a certain parental joy in letting your son or daughter drive your car. So, let them drive, and plan for that extra premium cheerfully.

The Difference Between a Bluff and Semi-Bluff

Poker tactics remain surprisingly similar from venue to venue, and even country to country. The European WSOP tour has similar moves and stabs for the pot as the US WSOP. Similarly, whether playing at a virtual table at Caesars online or at your neighbor's place, you will want to engage the same tactics to go for the win. One of these tactics is semi-bluffing. However, the semi-bluff is sometimes misunderstood. Here is a basic summary of the difference between the semi-bluff and the bluff.

Bluffing is the term used for acting as though you have a strong hand when you do not have a strong hand. For example, if you are holding a jack and a ten of clubs, and the cards three of diamonds, six of spades, and queen of diamonds come onto the table, raising would be a bluff. You don't have any likely chance at a hand, and you certainly want the other players to fold so you can take their chips (and avoid losing your recent raise).

However, let's take that same board--three of diamonds, six of spades, and queen of diamonds--and say that the two cards in your hand are the jack and ten of diamonds. You now have a flush draw that isn't entirely unlikely (more or less, 38 percent odds). However, you still don't have the hand. By making a bet, you are acting as though you already have a strong hand (such as a pair of queens). However, this is a safer bet. If your opponent calls, you still have 40 percent odds to capture the entire pot by achieving your flush by the final card. Semi-bluffing is very useful since it often buys the pot, and when it doesn't, it gives you a chance at an even larger pot, even if the odds aren't completely in your favor.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Opening of School Year 2010-2011

Woe I can't believe that summer vacation is going to be over for the kids. School Year 2010-2011 by mid June and I can see parents are so busy with the preparations. Many have already enrolled their kids and they are still in the process of completing school supplies. I remember when I was still studying, I'm always looking forward to buying new school uniform, bag and other school supplies.

I'm pretty sure that bookstores will be jam-packed once again with customers buying notebooks and more. I suggest buying early if you already have money to avoid hassle. My nephews and niece will be buying theirs next week and I can't wait to see the glow in the eyes to see their new stuff.

Some students are eager to go back to school while others are not and parents will be faced once again with worries on what food their kids will bring at school, homework and all.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pool Supply Essentials

You dream of water, of lazy afternoons and slow evenings. Every day will be summer and every worry will disappear. Because, whether you choose an above-ground treasure or a sunken oasis, the result is sure to be the same: perfection. Your pool will make all things right again and your fantasy shall be complete. But that fantasy demands more than mere time to become real. It can't be achieved through wishes and wondering. You will instead need pool supplies. Relaxation is to be earned.

While there are countless brands, styles and models of pools to choose from (each offering its own advantages and potential complications), there is one truth that unites them all: they require the proper supplies. They are not, despite your greatest desires, self-governing. They instead rely on a variety of necessary aids and you will need these to ensure that your hours truly are easy.

To begin, understand that there are three items you must have: filters, chlorinators and liners. These all protect the integrity of the pool and, more importantly, your health. Filters detect minuscule particles that can dirty the water or corrupt the base. They then safely remove them, keeping debris away from all swimmers; which can then be collected later and tossed away. Chlorinators, however, help to regulate the levels of chlorine found within the pool. These levels must be carefully monitored at all times; too much can be extremely hazardous to the body. And, finally, liners help to deter harmful molds. By providing a slick surface along the bottom of the pool, they dissuade bacteria from forming (and also allow you to clean more efficiently, reducing any chance of algae or fungal growth).

These pool supplies are vital. They cannot be ignored or dismissed. While some would argue their cost, none can afford the worries that would come from refusing to use them. They keep you safe and that is the only concern worth having.

Life Can Be Busy

Oh yeah, these past few days I'm having a hectic schedule work wise and designing. Blessings are pouring once again that sometimes I don't know what to start and I'm very thankful for that. Despite the hot and humid weather we are having here in our neck of the woods, I simply can't stop working.

Right now, I'm also kinda back (sort of) designing digital scrapbooking kits. Dunno but my mojo just flowed freely so I guess my creative juices are coming out once again. I've been inspired to make some and hopefully, I can earn even just a little for that but I know it's not that lucrative.

Still I'm working at home for the past 2 weeks now but I promised that I'll be back on my regular working hours and routine come June because to tell you the truth, I'm already bored at home working and of course doing house chores.

I have lots of stories and photos to share soon since I have limited time blogging right now.

The Benefit of Free Online Games

When you access free online games, you are providing people with jobs. Creative geniuses are able to continue making games that will enchant the ages, and website designers will be able to continue creating platforms where these great gems can be accessed. Using free services lends stability to jobs that would otherwise perish in this recessive marketplace. If you want to be able to find free entertainment in the future, then you need to patronize these sites, now.

Today's marketplace is so competitive that even free services must compete for your attention. As a consumer, that gives you the ability to choose who will be successful, and which sites will fade like dying stars. If you want to play free games, then now is the time to access them, before they must start charging fees in order to remain viable.

Free games are available for you to enjoy, and sample new games. If you want to try something new without having to commit to a steep price, then trying it on a free-for-24 hour basis is a great way to do so. These wonderful services will not be available forever, though, if patrons ignore them and leave them disused.

Your favorite games are available on trial basis so that you will be tempted into buying them, but that's not a bad thing for you. If this service is discontinued, then consumers like yourself will have no choice but to purchase games at their full prices to try them, and you would be unable to return the games if you dislike them. The next time you forego a free game online, keep in mind all of the jobs that this game has created for others, and that your opportunity to play it for free shouldn't be ignored or taken for granted.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I Heart Faces: Faces & Flowers

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This week's challenge is about “Faces & Flowers”. This is my niece holding a big sized Gumamela (Hibiscus) flower that is blooming in our garden every summer.
More entries at

Monday, May 10, 2010

1st Automated National Election 2010 in the Philippines

The 1st Automated National Election 2010 here in the Philippines already started since 7:00 am this morning and so far so good it's running smoothly. There are some problems with the machine and some voters' ballot not being able to be cast as I have seen in the news. There are already long lines in many of the precincts and looks like voters are excited.

I just hope and pray that this will be a peaceful and honest election, though there are some parts of the country where there are some tension. I will be voting later this morning. Let's go out vote. Let's vote wisely! Just in case you don;t know yet what to do today, watch this.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Have a great day to all the mommies around the world.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

M&M's Choco Candies with Peanuts = YUM!

Ahhhh my love >>> M&M's Choco Candies with Peanuts!
I'm not that a choco addict but this M&M will surely melts in my mouth. I can eat 2 packs in just one sitting, not minding that I will gain extra pounds by doing that. At least with my physique, I don;t need any weight loss product to keep my weight down because I not that big. I don't fancy much about those pure chocolates for they are too sweet for me but my whole family loves any kind of chocolates.

From time to time my sis and BIL are sending tons of chocolates from Riyadh bec. they know that my family loves choco so much.

Going to be a Mom Again

My online friend Joy is going to give birth if I'm not mistaken this coming June. This is her second baby and they are already excited. Her older daughter will have a baby brother soon that will add more joy to their family. I'm sure she takes care of her pregnancy taking lots of vitamins, you can click here for some prenatal vit. reviews.

Up to now she is still working so that she will not get bored. She even had some time to scrap some of her eldest daughter's photos so that when baby no. 2 will come she'll finish it already.

What are your Hobbies?

I reckon everyone of us should have a hobby. Be it drawing/painting, collecting coins/stamps, making slide shows, photography and more so that our creative juices will come out. It can also relaxes us and it will veer us away from negative thoughts and worries about work and family.

My recent hobbies are Digital Photography and Digital Scrapbooking. They go pretty well with each other because some of the photos that I took, I can create beautiful scrapbook pages that I can later on make a photobook. Here are just some of my Photobooks that I made. I enjoy doing them for they bring out my creativity and it relieves my stress.

What about you what's your hobby?

It's Not Going Away

I really hate my T-Zone for it is always oily and because of that I never fail to have an pimple or tow on my chin. Probably due to stress, oily food plus my staying up late contributes to that. I just put a cream at night so that it will dry up and if I'm lucky after 3 days it will go away already. At least I don't have those big with puss acne or else I will be needed a blue acne light remedy for that.

I pity those that have big problems about their acne because it's really embarrassing to have too many on your face. Going to your derma doc and not self medicating will also help, I reckon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LP: Bulaklak (FLOWERS)

Wow it's been a while since I last participated at the weekly challenge at LITRATONG PINOY and I'm sorry for that. I also wasn't able to join the last EBALiwan last April so I also missed the fun this year. Been too busy lately that's why.

Anyway, here's my entry for this week's theme Bulaklak or FLOWERS. I saw these mini beauties outside our street and thought these wild daisies are pretty. I went back to see if they are still alive but due to too much heat lately, they already died.
Matagal na rin akong hindi nakasali sa Litratong Pinoy dahil naging busy ako. Sana ay welcome parin akong sumali sa linguhang mga challenge. Ito ay mga malilit na wild daisies na nakita ko sa labasan namin.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Poor Sophie

I was so worried about my dog Sophie yesterday because she is not eating and she's not active as usual. She threw up 2x and I suspected that she must have eaten something last Sunday. I texted the vet and asked what to do and the doctor advised me to give her vitamins and put a dextrose powder to her water so she will have some energy.

She still didn;'t eat eventhough I'm already feeding her with my hands till night so I'm still worried. Good thing in the morning she already ate.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Vacation Like No Other

We all work all year long to pay for our bills and other stuff and therefore it is also a good thing to include a vacation on our priority list. Being able to work hard and save, save, save, I guess it’s not much of an indulgence to give yourself or your family a well deserved vacation. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a luxury cruise but if you have the money and the means to do it then go for it. Life is too short not to enjoy, right?

If given the chance and if money is not in question, a Carribean cruise or a Jamaican vacation would be a dream come true for me. In fact, there are many available all al inclusive packages that we can avail online like at the
Breezes Resorts that I have come to know about.

A luxury vacation in Jamaica will not be complete without seeing the beach resort Negril where anyone can have fun in the sand and its pristine waters. Ahhhh just imagining the fun times there makes me want to pack my bags leave everything behind. A tranquil and
breathtaking view of the sea and nature are what I like most about.

There’s so much to see and do at Negril jamaica and we can fulfil all our desires for a perfect honeymoon, vacation with family and friends.
Scuba diving, white water rafting and even mountain climbing can bring out the ruggedness in us. Swim in the beach all day, party at night, shop and meet local people for more fun holiday. Relax, put your feet on the sand, feel the cool breeze of the air on your face and most of all record all your memories.