Monday, May 24, 2010

Bills are coming soon

It’s almost the end of the month already and sure time flies so fast. I know bills will be coming again in next few days and I guess we are always prepared for that. Yesterday and today, I already got a text message from my Internet provider company reminding me about my payment for this month. My cut off date from their company is 10th of every month that’s why they are already checking on my payment. I will settle that bill tomorrow and fortunately I have already money allocated for that.

I always see to it that the essential bills like electric, water, telephone and my Internet bills will be paid on time to avoid hassle. I’m also lucky enough to be earning to cover all the expenses but for some people they sometimes find it hard to pay their bills. I can’t blame them because sometimes unnecessary expenses or even emergency occur. These unexpected events can break our budget that sometimes employees will have to sign up for a payday advance just to augment the need for money. Anyway, just like what I’m telling to myself, there’s always a solution to a problem.

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