Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School Supplies Needed

Wow it’s only 2 more weeks and it’s back to school once again for students. My nieces and nephews who are in elementary and highschool were already enrolled for this year. Good thing is that their parents were able to allocate some money for their tuition fees and didn’t resort to their payday advance this time. It’s their priority for sure to save for it. The school year starts at private school is on June 15 and they’re already getting prepared for that. I’m not so sure if they are quite happy to be back in school because they still wanted to have their summer vacation.

Right now, they still need to buy some school supplies and I already promised that I’ll be the one to buy those for them. It’s pretty exciting to buy new notebooks, pen and papers because I remember when I was still in school I’m always anticipating the shopping at the bookstore.

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