Monday, October 29, 2012

Music and Kids

It's always nice to see kids that can play any musical instruments. When I was growing up, my brothers used to play the guitars and I always see them practice. There's even a time when some of their friends bring their musical instruments and make our garage their practice area of sort. I hated the sound of the electric guitar with guitar effects because they are playing some heavy metal and rock music.Haha those are the days when they became crazy.

These days, I have not seen any similar liking from my nieces and nephews but some can play the guitars as well. I'm also wishing I can play any instrument but I guess I'm not passionate over that. A son of my friend loves playing the drums and with that he was even gifted by a drum set that he can use to play. My other friend's children are into piano and violin and wish they'd continue that love until they get old.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Hoax Paypal E-mail: Your Paypal Account Has Been Limited

There are just  too many spams and hoax e-mails that I get everyday and this Hoax Paypal E-mail: Your Paypal Account Has Been Limited is one of them.

I always get this kind of e-mail and never I will click the link that they will ask me to sign in and update my profile. I know this is a HOAX, and phishing e-mail that crooks online are doing.

Look closely at the the e-mail of the sender, it’s not even from paypal so this is NOT TRUE. Funny thing also is that they sent this e-mail that is not even my paypal e-mail so it’s another red flag.

So, don’t just click on e-mails coming from unknown source. Please be careful because you don’t want your Paypal got hacked, right?


Paypal WILL never e-mail you without your real name on their e-mails like this.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Auction and Shopping

My cousin is asking me to come with her in a furniture auction before the month ends. Actually, I'm so excited to come with her because aside from going out, it'll be my first time to be in an auction area. I'm not sure what to expect or if we'll go home with an item but I know the experience will be a good one. I was also thrilled to know that there is also a cigar auction online, I never thought that cigars can also be auctioned.

I'm sure my cousin and I will have lunch or dinner somewhere and I hope she'd take me to shopping as I know that she'll love that too. I might have to ask her to take me at Bonifacio High Street for i have not  been there yet.

Busy Days Ahead

So thankful for all the blessings I've been receiving. This week, it's gonna be a busy one for me as I have quite a lot of online works to do. That only means that I need to put on extra effort everyday so I can beat  the deadline. It is seldom that works come all at the same time so I need to make the most of it. Ohhh..I have lots of ideas and things on my mind but sometimes my hands are not that fast to type.

I know after all the hardwork that I have done I deserve a vacation or shopping hehe!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

Not me.. but my relatives and friends in the US. Winter is coming in no time and they love -hate that season. Like they say, winter can be boring or brutally cold esp. for my old aunts/uncles. They always find it hard to get up in the morning to go to their work for it's very cold. They have adjusted to the American way of life but at times they still wish they are here in Pinas to experience the warm tropical weather if it's winter on their side. They are wishing warm climate while we wish to experience winter and feel the snow haha.

What they love about winter is that they can go to the skiing resorts where they can enjoy the snow and have some fun as a family. Ski Boots, ski jackets and other snow apparels and gadgets are some things they enjoy wearing while going down the snowy slopes and hills. Ahhh.. I just envy them and wish that one day, I can feel the snow in my hands and  just have some fun. I think that would be a great experience.