Monday, October 29, 2012

Music and Kids

It's always nice to see kids that can play any musical instruments. When I was growing up, my brothers used to play the guitars and I always see them practice. There's even a time when some of their friends bring their musical instruments and make our garage their practice area of sort. I hated the sound of the electric guitar with guitar effects because they are playing some heavy metal and rock music.Haha those are the days when they became crazy.

These days, I have not seen any similar liking from my nieces and nephews but some can play the guitars as well. I'm also wishing I can play any instrument but I guess I'm not passionate over that. A son of my friend loves playing the drums and with that he was even gifted by a drum set that he can use to play. My other friend's children are into piano and violin and wish they'd continue that love until they get old.

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  1. I love music and it would have been wonderful if I know how to play any musical instruments because I sure heck don't know. LOL! My kids seem to like music so far and I don't know which one of them would learn to play any musical instruments when they get older. :) Visiting via thread.


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