Friday, May 28, 2010

Dyspepsia !

Oh no, not again! I've been having indigestion since yesterday and I'm hate it.

I'm feeling quite full again right now eventhough I only ate little bit this dinner time. See ....I don't even need any best weight loss pills just in case I'm worrying about my figure because I'm looking after my food intake. I'm just careful that it will also lead to heartburn cuz I don't want to experience shortness of breath and pains in my chest once again. Worst is that I burp every now and then and feels like my tummy is about to burst.

I decided not to take my motilium medicine because I don't want my body to just rely on medicines to heal it. To relieve the fullness feeling, what I did was to rub Chinese katinko ointment that has a mint effect so that I can feel a little better. If it will not go away till tomorrow, I have no choice but to drink my medicine already.

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