Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank God for The Rain

The recent heatwave that we've been experiencing for the last 2 months or so is just making people sick and uncomfortable. There are also reports of people that died due to heatstroke. The weather bureau announced that the hottest temperature that we got was the other day when it reached 38C!!!!! Wow, that's why it's way too hot, humid and sticky that day. It's just unbearable!

Yesterday afternoon, the weather changed slightly and it was a bit cloudy and windy. I thought it's going to rain because I could also hear a thunderstorm but it didn't. I woke up this morning, still feeling hot but I heard that it's raining. Yehey!!! it's cooling off our temperature and soaking the land and our patio furniture with rain waters. It's what we've been waiting for the last months and it's here.

I'm not wishing to rain everyday, but just some drizzles to cool down the temperature is enough for me so I can work a bit more comfortable.

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