Thursday, May 27, 2010

Acquring a New Vehicle

My mom and bother are always having a conversation about thoughts of selling our van and replacing it with a different model. Our Lite Ace van which is only a pre-owned when we got it about a year ago got some problems. My bro always notice that it’s overheating during long drives and the aircon is not getting cold most of the time or if so unlucky it will not work anymore.

My bro needs to have it checked at the auto shop and if the estimate for its repair is too high then I guess it’s time to sell that already. Eventhough we like the features and the look of the van, its maintenance is not practical anymore. I know my bro will be searching for used vans once again online and on papers like what he did last year.

Acquiring a new vehicle involves paper works and that is something my bother is not fond of doing. Aside from having it registered, acquiring cheapest auto insurance, which is a must and required the process of transfer of ownership, can take a while. Anyway, if we really want to get a new used vehicle then I guess we have to just follow the procedure.

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