Sunday, May 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

Yay, been pretty busy these past few days and it's good for me. I'm still working at home all day, although it's making me crazy and bored most of the times, I'm sticking to this routine until the new school year comes. It's making me productive but at the same time it makes me miss that times that I'm going out. It also made me realize that staying at home and working at the same time is also hard.

I have many more personal things to blog about but sometimes I'm just too lazy to upload also the photos that I wanted to share. I will just post them when I got more time.

The weather is still hot and humid and it's making many people crazy because after sweating you end up sticky.. yay! It's also hard for the kids and old folks. I heard that this will continue till mid of June.. yay so we still have 2-3 weeks to endure this heat.

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