Friday, May 28, 2010

No More Coke for me!

Hooray! I'm Coke free for the longest time! I started to stay away from drinking Coke and other softdrinks since September 2009 and I'm proud of myself. So I'm Coke free for 8 months already (except for 1 day in Feb. where I drink a bit because I attended a Jollibee party and there's no water available)!!!

Before I decided to stop drinking softdrinks, I'm usually drinking 1 bottle of Coke a day during snack time. I noticed that it's making me bloated and drowning me with lots of acid and sugar so I thought to myself I need to stop it for my own good. I also don't want to find myself with high sugar level or looking for with weight loss pills that work to burn some of my fats.

Now, I'm not craving for softdrinks anymore and even if you tease me with it, I'm not giving in anymore. As a result, I noticed that I'm less bloated (except when I have dyspepsia).

What about you are you still drinking Coke or softrinks?

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