Friday, May 21, 2010

Life Can Be Busy

Oh yeah, these past few days I'm having a hectic schedule work wise and designing. Blessings are pouring once again that sometimes I don't know what to start and I'm very thankful for that. Despite the hot and humid weather we are having here in our neck of the woods, I simply can't stop working.

Right now, I'm also kinda back (sort of) designing digital scrapbooking kits. Dunno but my mojo just flowed freely so I guess my creative juices are coming out once again. I've been inspired to make some and hopefully, I can earn even just a little for that but I know it's not that lucrative.

Still I'm working at home for the past 2 weeks now but I promised that I'll be back on my regular working hours and routine come June because to tell you the truth, I'm already bored at home working and of course doing house chores.

I have lots of stories and photos to share soon since I have limited time blogging right now.

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