Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The case of missing hair

Don’t we sometimes make a joke about men who are bald? Men are very sensitive about their hair and once they are thinning they worry about it. Ah I know it coz my dad had to wear a wig to cover his bald hair, it runs in the family so bro is not too happy with that coz he is already loosing some. Oh anyway, there are many solutions now that they can use both for men and women.

There are Hair Loss products like provillus that are available and for your info it ranked no. 1 at’s review of hair loss products. Other products that are reviewed are Procerin, Thymusil and Advecia but Provillus topped with 94% rating. Reviews of the products are actually made by users. Don’t we all love reading reviews so we have an insight of the product that we want to buy? Reviews help people get their money’s worth by not buying products that don’t really work.

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