Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just another noisy day

Oh goodness me, the loud noise started again this morning as the store who is renting the place right beside my store has a big speaker outside to attract their customers. What i hate about it is that the sound is too loud and the songs are mostly rock (hate it!!) and there is too much booming. I always hate it when it is noisy bec. when i am making my post I cannot concentrate and construct a good one. Who on earth can concentrate in writing a quality post when it is noisy? I cannot tell them to stop playing loud music bec. they are renting our place (aba baka umalis, syang ang upa ahaha)..

Anyway, i feel my brain will explode right this minute bec. of the noise:(loud music, kids playing and teseing, jeeps/tricycles sounds.. It's getting too much !! Gosh my brain is scattered right now.. Boo.
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  1. Baka naman pwedeng pakiusapan Jen. Nakakasakit sa ulo yung masyadong maingay.


  2. hay naku nice sinabi mo pa tignan ko next week pag d ko na matiis


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