Sunday, October 14, 2007

My b-day gift for myself

Wooohooo my birthday is coming next month and it is always special day just for me. I always see to it that I will have a day at the salon to pamper myself, have a hair cut, hairspa or hair color. I also made it a point to shop for clothes and accessories as a gift to myself, I deserve it you know. I wanted to be different this year since I am already hitting the big 40 (yay!!) so I thought I wanted to give myself something special (material). At first I wanted to buy my 1st diamond ring (it’s true yay) since I don’t buy my own jewelry but my sis Joy told me that it’s not practical to do so. I also thought it’s pretty expensive and I will go crazy if I will rob when I am wearing that (you know naman here).

Since I am into digital scrapooking and I love taking pics, I decided I will just buy my 1st DSLR, probably a Canon or Nikon. I know it’s pricey too but I reckon it will be worth it. I will be hunting for good prices in Hidalgo in Quiapo soon to check on the price. Yay I’m getting excited now!

Happy Sunday everyone!! I will be busy tomorrow morning, lots of things to do around here so I will be checking your blogs or comments later before lunch.
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  1. Yay! Good luck on getting a DSLR!

  2. whoa! DSLR! Some of us are so lucky. :)

  3. That's a cool camera.

    An advanced birthday greetings to you.

    You sure know how to pamper yourself :):)


    Janice Ng

  4. oh yeah good luck to me hehe. Thanks Janice for the advance bday greetings

  5. hi bes advance happy birthday ha! dami mo lakad ah mukhang di na ko makakasingit dyan, san mo ko ibo-blowout imagine reaching that age whoooa :-) ako rin pala malapit na hehehe! i-canvass mo na rin ako ng mura lang na camera (small time :-)

  6. ah that would be great Jen. u certainly deserve it. o cge post pics nalang pag anjan na ang new toy mo. ingat lagi!

  7. thanks friends, i appreciate all your time here.. HI Riss nice to see you here

  8. uy, sarap nyan DSLR :D happy birthday po!


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