Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy as a bee

Ahh what a busy day it was for me that i have no time to update this blog today but I made some updates on my other blog if you want to read it. I was out of my my shop most of the time bec. i am running some errands. . This week will be a busy day for us here bec. we are busy preparing fo my mom's party on Sunday.

I post some invitations at the post office this afternoon while my sis in law ordered chairs and tables, balloons, cake and videoke. I will be posting if i can.. Have a great week everyone!! Gosh i am in a hurry bec. we will close early tonight.


  1. oh, malaking party yan ha. can't wait to see the pics. oi thanks for visiting my blog nga pala especially for leaving comments as well. i really appreciate it. btw, ganda ng header mo dito.

  2. I tagged you.

    Janice Ng


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