Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It’s not safe here anymore! !!??

I just learned a shocking news at our neighborhood yesterday and it makes my hair stand up once again. The new Internet café in our area was robbed the other day, they lost what I heard was 12 computers! Wow I will cry it that will happen to me. To think that they only opened I think around June or July of this year and of course all their computers are brand new.

Before that happened there were about 3 internet café shops that was looted here and it was already very alarming. Robbers have made their way to loot these shops around midnight where of course everyone is past asleep. They cut the locks and the metal fences and stole the cpu’s. What a very bad thing to do. Only if those computers are GPS capable so that the owners can detect where the robbers are. Robbers are so clever and disgusting, they have no souls and they don’t realize that owners put their money to buy those computers.

I always tell my family that we should always see to it that we lock our shop properly bec. these days robbers would do anything to get inside someone’s premises. I also learned that we don’t need to open so late in the evening bec. we don’t know when robbers will show up. Gosh I can say these days, we are not safe anymore anywhere we go so we should be careful and vigilant at all times.


  1. well, everywhere you go talagang may crooks no matter what. kelangan lang ng malaking pag iingat kasi mahirap na buhay ngayon. dito naman sa amin kotse ang ninanakaw kasi pinag pipiyesahan nila, yun ang nakakainis dito. pero so far maganda naman lugar namin dito and it's very peaceful kesa sa mejo malayo at liblib na lugar doon maraming nangyayari hayy.. basta ingat kayo palagi, kelangan lagi kayo alert lalo na sa mga pumapasok sa shop nyo, mag sara na rin kayo ng maaga para mas mabuti di po ba. sige po ingat kayo palagi!

  2. katakot nga yan Jenny. Target talaga nila mga i-cafe. So ingat na lang lagi and always pray.



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