Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A day to pamper myself

Hello everyone!! Hope you are all having a great week. It's another busy day for me here. As you can see at the photo i was in a salon (yes i took a photo of myself hahaha , addict ba?)

This morning, I went to Index Salon to have my hair dyed and for a hair spa. Actually if I don't have gray hairs i will not dye my ha
ir but since i have lots of them near my forehead i have no choice but to have them dyed every 3 or 4 months or else i will look a grandma with lots of white hairs.

I just had it colored dark brown like the last color that i had. The hair cutter asked me if i want a reddish one but i said no bec. i might look different with that. After the color, is the hair spa, i love the cool feeling on my head and the lil massage. It took me about 3 hours in the salon and i was happy with the result.
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  1. Yay! Me want to see the finish result:)

  2. LOL..Ano ba yan..finish result! haha Antok na yata ako Te Jen..basta me want to see the finish result:D

  3. aaw, grabeh tagal ko na hindi nag sasalon, kelangan ko na ata mag punta ah hehee. =) ok lang naman na mag pic ka sa sarili mo eh, why not blog mo to diba? so it's ok, do it so freely! mwahh


  4. I want to see the result..I post soon Jenn Ha!!anyway i have something pala para syao sa blog ko..check mo na lang if you have time..

  5. galing naman! I need some pampering too...hehehe


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