Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life can be busy at times

It was another oh so busy life of mine offline. Something happened last night while I am withdrawing money at my ATM. I will not elaborate more on that but hopefully it will be straightened out by next week. Wooooo.

I was out almost half of my day this morning that when I came to my store my sis-in-law can’t seem to make my old printer work and oh well that always happen when I am not around. Again I was the one who made it work.

Anyway, my mom’s 75th b-day celebration will be on Sunday and as usual we are busy for that, we have already sent out most of the invitations. All of are busy with our planning to make our mom’s b-day party a successful one. The box from my sis In Sydney already came and we are still waiting for the boxes from my other sis coming from Riyadh.

I also made a fast layout for her tarpaulin (almost same design on her invitation) and bro brought it at the tarpaulin printing shop and on Saturday we’ll get it. It will be printed 3 ½ x 5 feet and I hope it will not come out pixilated. I will show the finished product later.

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