Thursday, October 18, 2007

Portable DVD player

We took a short vacation at my dad’s hometown when my uncle and aunt arrived from LA in May. It was a 6 hour (including traffic) long drive up North and of boy it seems like forever hahaha. It was early morning when our convoy left our town and just stopped by to have breakfast in on e of the fast food chains along the hi-way.

The older kids became cranky at the other car while at the other kids at van where I was in was happily watching their fave cartoon (gosh Sponge Bob) at the DVD player. Well at least they don’t bother us adults who keeps on chatting to ease our boredom. We are very happy because our portable DVD player the van serves it purpose. It kept the kids behaved and busy hahaha.

Just in case you want to put one in your car, Digital has one over at their site. It’s a portable 10 inch DVD player with tuner. When you buy it, a rechargeable battery pack is included in it that has playing time at up to 4 hours. I think that is enough to watch 2 movies so this is perfect for long driving. If you are looking for a sleek and neat design, lcd monitor, dolby surround and great image quality, this DVD has it.

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  1. Saan sa North Jenny. Kami sa Ilocos Norte and it is a 10 hour drive. So we usually take night trips para di nakakabore ang byahe.



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