Thursday, October 25, 2007

I was pissed of big time!

I was on the phone yesterday morning and afternoon talking to the technician of the computer shop where we bought our brand computers for rent last May. I lost my temper talking to him bec. would your believe we returned 1 pc back at their store several times now bec. it keeps of crashing and hanging. At first they thought it was just due to the OS, so they re-installed it. One day after it was crashing again, we returned it back, they reformatted again. I told them i don't want to waste my time bringing it to them again and again. I am right it crashed again so it was the 3rd we brought it back.

It will be almost 2 months now that it was at their store for repair and this time it was due to to the motherboard (MSI). What i am angry about is that, their supplier of that board is giving them defective replacements 2x already that is why they can fix it. I talked to the manager this afternoon and all i hear is that they will check on my case again. Booommmm i got so irritated and i told him that i can't wait till Christmas to have them fix that computer. We bought it brand new on a cash basis so we have the right to have it fix or replaced asap to think we only bought that in MAY. And would you believe i have another pc that will be sent to their shop, who would not be angry at that?????

To cut the long story short, i guess the moral of the story is you better not buy at PC Gilmore Greenhills branch bec. they have defective motherboards !!! Awww cool jen cool !

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