Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mom's b-day party

Mom’s b-day turned out so great last Sunday! We are really so busy for the preparations and by 11 am there were few visitors that already came. I was the one who did mom’s hair and make-up, I just did it very simply coz I don’t have much experience in this field.

We had 10 types of food dishes that we served. There’s the Pork Lechon (yum yum), Fried Chicken, Beef with mushroom sauce and corn Kernel, Menudo, Spring Rolls, Lumpiang Sariwa, Sweet and Sour Tilapia Fish, Spaghetti, Pancit Canton, Pork Hamonado (yummy!). We also have 4 desserts, we made Fruit Salad, Leche Flan, Macapuno and Gelatin. All of them are a hit in the table.

Before eating, mom gave her touching speech where almost every body cried and right after that the visitors flocked in the table to get their food. It was a buffet style and gosh the visitors seem so hungry. (daming putahe kasi eh).

Anyway, we also had games for the kids and prizes are given away to the winners. Although it wasn’t a children’s party, we wanted it to be also enjoyable for the kids so we put a “pabitin” that has toys and candies for the kids and it was really a riot. The adults also enjoyed the videoke machine where they got to sing their favorite songs.

My mom’s 6 grandchildren in turn give roses and gave their wishes. When I gave my wishes I can’t help but cry and I could see the guests teary eyed too. The party went well and many have attended, mom is surely so happy and feel special. The party ended early evening and would you believe i was still singing the videoke (alone) till 11 pm? I only stopped when sis from Riyadh called. lol.

Here are some pics from our party. (Note:Pics may take time to load)


  1. hi bes, sayang di kami nakapunta, kung hindi sunday siguro nakapunta ako, anyway sarap naman ng menu, ano ang niluto mo sa mga ito o nagpaluto lang kayo? natouched ako sa picture na nag-speech ka parang na-feel ko kase na-capture ng photographer yung moment mo bes! it really was a happy birthday! daming bisita! pls. greet mommy for me ulit ha!

  2. hehehehehehe Lola Mummy talaga! Wow your mum is 75 yrs old na pala Jen? Mukhang 50 pa yata cya.

    Belated happy b-day to your Mum.

  3. thanks for your greetings ha.. mom would be glad to hear that she doesnt look 75 HAze


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