Thursday, October 25, 2007

Any plasma TV owners here?

Owning my own Plasma TV is I guess very far from becoming a reality. Actually I don’t have it at my Wish List if you want to ask. But for some household owners and appliance buff owning one of it this Christmas is very important. Sis Joy bought one I think a year ago and her husband even bought one of those plasma tv lifts where they put it on top like the one on the photo. This is also a neat way to keep the TV away from their 2 small kids who were fond of pushing all the buttons of their stereo and TV sets.

Just in case you will buy a Plasma TV, would you care to share the photo of it?


  1. Ours is LCD not Plasma, we had to read the pros and cons of having a Plasma, we settled in on an LCD instead kasi it generates less heat. pero yeah maganda talaga magkaron ng ganyan sa isang bahay, very stylish hehee and maganda lalo pag mahilig manood ng tv yung tao mismo. I am sure one of these days you'll be owning one of those, who knows diba, baka bilhan ka ng admirer mo, you never know hehee =)

    have a wonderful day, ate Jen!

  2. yay KIt, sana mag dilang angel ka hahaha san ko kay lalagay pati liit ng house namin oy

  3. I to own a plasma here. And i would advise you not to get one if you have kids. I don't have kids but my cousin does. And his kids have ruined my plasma, i have had to buy a new one since then.


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