Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another way to start an online business

Ever since I graduated in college I have never been employed to any company bec. I had the opportunity to manage our home business (video tape rentals) in the 80’s. When the video tape industry become down in the early 90’s I have decided to venture again into a new business and have kept me busy for over 10 years now. My business have evolved through the years, I also have small merchandise store and lately an Internet CafĂ© and desktop publishing to keep. So with all those years in the business I can say I am the boss and having your own business allows you to have your own time and do whatever you want.

I also have tried doing online business by making graphic designs and selling them on a scrapping site but I became too busy with my real work so I resigned. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that you can find other means of making money by having your little business. I have seen recently while browsing online about the phone card affiliate program and it caught my attention. coz it seems like a good one to have an online home-based business. Just read that it can give high commissions at up to 50%. Steps would be like this : You just have to choose your domain name (they will register this for you), pay $74.95 and this is a onetime setup fee and maintain online business for $19.95 every month. Aside from that, they will provide training from logging in, managing accounts, and selecting prepaid card products, setting of prices and checking sales, profits and checking customer sign ups. There are always risks in business so I think this is worth risking so if you are interested just browse through their site.

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  1. That's my dream Jen, to finally give up office work and manage my own business.



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