Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pleasant Surprises

I wasn't suppose to go out today as I'm feeling quite achy and so lazy, blame it on my tumbling monthly hormones. I got up my sit and prepared myself for I had to go to the bank to pay some bills. The weather was hot and humid and it add to my restless feeling. Anyway, I was able to settle the bills in a snap and head to my computer shop.

I was surprised and happy to see the 3 balikbayan boxes courtesy of my sister in Riyadh. We still need to wait for her e-mail or call to know if we’re going to open the box already or not. I’m pretty sure there are lots of goodies inside just like what she sent few months back. I’m also pleasantly surprise to see my mom’s kumare and mom youngest sister’s godmother who came all the way from California for vacation here in the country. I greeted her and she gave me a lipstick as a present and I also learned that she didn’t marry as well. Its been over 3 decades since we last saw here so we’re glad that she visited us even for just few minutes.

I could not refrain from looking at her older brother for his  gold chains are quite eye-catching. After few chats and sharing of stories, they already left but we’ll return soon. It’s always nice to catch up with old friends and relatives from time to time.

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