Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Hey all, it's a hot and humid Thursday in our part of the world and I'm kinda pre-occupied with some offline works. I was able to give Sophie, my shitzhu dog a bath and then after I cooked sweet and sour pork for my lunch. My daily routine is different these days as I get to spend the whole morning till after lunch at the house. I was able to practice my cooking skills again and that is a good sign.

After lunch I went straight to the grocery to get some supplies and to get some ingredients for the salad that I will be making on Saturday. It's Thursday today so I also need to go to my net cafe since my SIL is working today, not that she is into energy auditor training but she is working as an auditor for a neighborhood cooperative.

Later on I need to run go to the next town to purchase a delicacy that I will be bringing tomorrow for our grand Bebots' EB. I also need to finish some more works and I'll be ok then. I can't wait to go out on Friday and Saturday and meet my online friends once again.

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