Monday, February 22, 2010

Business VoIP for Small Business

If you own a small business, chances are you’re veer away from the traditional telephone because VoIP systems are getting affordable these days. With VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), all your communications such as phone calls, e-mail, conferences and more are squeezed into one system thereby reducing your monthly phone costs.

Just one of the companies offering secured business voip for small scale business is Vocalocity. With their easy to set up VoIP system, affordable and feature- rich VoIP system business owners can readily benefit from it since all your communications will be just in one phone using the internet.

Some of the benefits using Vocalocity VoIP solution are: low-cost, scalable, feature-rich (500 features), hosted PBX, unlimited calling and more. At Vocalocity, small business owners have many pricing and plans to choose from that will suit the company’s needs of VoIP communications.

Just recently they offered the Voicemail Transcription Service for small business that can convert voice messages into an email for more accessibility. That only means that Vocalocity is expanding their services even more to serve their clients more. You can reach them at 877-VOCALOCITY or at their website for inquiries and more detailed information. You can even request a custom Vocalocity quote via their site.

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