Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bebot's EB with Trinity

Last Friday April 17, 2009 at BSA Tower in Makati was our Bebot's EB with Trinity who came home for a vacation from the US. Kaje was so kind enough to fetch me in Greenhills so that I will not have a hard time looking for the hotel in Makati and we met at around 1pm.

When we got there Mai was there already with her son Asher and then not long after other bebots came in. It was soooooo nice to meet them (my co-digiscrapper/friends) in person!!! I didn;t recognize Diane when she came in bec. she was not wearing her glasses and she was tan hehe.

We have lotsa food and I got what I am craving for (Blueberry cheesecake). Thanks Joy for ordering.! We also played Taboo game and it was sooo fun eventhough our team lost hehe. We also had seductive shots for Trin, sorry I can't share them. I never thought she was this kikay and fun. Trinity also gave us gifts that made us so gaga. Thanks Trin for the Clinique makeups that i got.!!

Later that night there's a Q&A portion where I got so nervous bwahahaha. These girls are just so fun to be with, I just didn't thought that Diane, Buge and Toni were that shy in person. We got tons of photos and this EB is just way too memorable!!!
Photo taken by Aggie,
PROJECT 365: Bebot's EB
TOP: L-R : Toni, Trinity, Buge, Kathy, Mai
BELOW, L-R: Diane, Alpha, Joy, Thea, Jen (that's me), Kaje with baby Abi

EB with Trin
Image Hosted by
MICH arrived a bit late hehe (photos taken by Diane)
Here are some of our foods
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Sleep over
Diane, Buge, Aggie and I slept at the hotel. We slept at around 4 am!!
Photo taken by Jun, hubby of Diane

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