Thursday, February 25, 2010

Potter's Paradise

Having a hobby is always enjoyable, not only it can keep you occupied but it can relieve what ever stress you are having from work, personal or from your family. It’s like a stress buster if I can say. I do have hobbies if you want to ask, I love making crafts (cross-stitch etc) but recently got hooked on digital photography and scrapping.

For some pottery making can be a joyous thing to do on their spare time or as a business. Forming a vase or a pot on your pottery wheel clay can release their creative minds. Just like any hobby, it needs patience and love for the art or else you’ll end up giving it up.

Pottery is also a nice way to bond with your family, kids can join seminars or training where they can be thought how to make. Who knows they might love it and it’ll be a start of a whole new hobby or business for your family. Check out Amaco/Brent for supplies and other stuff.

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