Friday, February 12, 2010

I Envy Food Lovers

My family says that I only have a simple taste when it comes to food and I must admit that I am not that adventurous when it comes to eating. I envy those people who have fervent desire to try on new menu whether local or foreign. I don’t know but I’m not that excited in trying out something new most often although I also drool over certain foods and deserts at times. I reckon I’m not blessed with good appetite which is also a good thing bec. I can’t consider myself big.

I remember we went on an eat all you can lunch at Cabalen resto last month and while they are feasting, I found myself just picking some viands on my plate. I’m just trying to make myself eat more but my stomach must be so small that it can’t accommodate lots of food. Hahaha. Same story goes when we always dine out in Sydney. My plate usually ends up not empty and I have to excuse myself for that but take a look at that mouth watering chicken (photo) that is an exemption, I finished that, must be bec. I’m really hungry.

How’d I wish I am such a happy eater because I envy those who are. I reckon it’s also nice to dine in other key cities in the world. Food lovers will be happy to note that they can easily pick and book the best fine dining London restauants online. Nothing can beat eating in style and having exquisite food.

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