Saturday, February 27, 2010

It’s Time To Get a New One

One of the house chores that I hate the most aside from ironing clothes is doing the laundry. I remember way back in the days where washing machine is not existent, washing clothes can take us about a whole day or so depending on the load. Clothes will we washed manually by hand, and then rinse off with water a few times to take all the detergent and then will be wringed before putting in the clothes line to dry. Bed sheets are even a struggle to squeeze and hand without help. The clothes then need to be in direct sunlight to avoid getting the not properly dried smell and to make drying a little bit faster.

Washing machines are indeed heaven sent, one of the good household appliance invention that is making our lives easier when it comes to doing the laundry. Though most of the times we use washing machines with drier, delicate clothes are usually washed by hand.

Our present washing machine is about 3 years old already and funny thing is that it gives out funny squeaky sound when in use. I bet it’s already struggling and soon to be breaking down but it served as real well. I guess I need to look for a replacement soon and I can do that online without a sweat.

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