Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling Sluggish and Achy

Oh dear, I've been having a bad headache since Sunday. I also noticed that my hands are getting numbed for some reason and I'm, guessing it's must be due to the medicine that I'm taking. I'm getting scared about it and it looks like the medicine has some side effects.

I didn't take the medicine today and I didn't have a headache but the numbness in my hands are still there. I called my doctor and her secretary told me to just come to the clinic so I can discuss it to my doctor properly.

I'm also feeling sluggish most of the day and I can't perform in my work well. Oh dear, the burden of getting sick. I hope my doc will change my medicine the next time I see her.

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  1. i hope by changing your medicine, your health will be a lot better.:)


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