Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Too Many Cables/Cords

It's my turn today to be at our net cafe. As usual, I had the time to check on our computers if they have some problems. I'm the one in charge to troubleshoot our pc while my SIL will take care of the cleaning and some other stuff.

Today, my SIL told me that one of our computers already needs to be reformatted, so I have to do it. I reformatted the pc in a swift but I have troubles connecting it to the internet. I troubleshoot the connections but still the same. I called my technician friend over the phone and asked what is the possible reason and it turned out that I failed to install the LAN driver that's why it's not connecting
to the internet. Now I know what to do next time just in case I encounter the same problem.

I also noticed that the cable wires and other cords of the computers, monitors and other gadgets are an eye sore. I think I need to buy them a cable cover that can hold them altogether and it will be organized. Sometimes, I tend to forget or disregard little things such as this.

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