Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wet Summer

Wow, it's March already and it only means that school classes will end soon for students and it's gonna be summer already!

I already heard that we'll have a wet summer since the weather bureau already announced that we'll have the La Nina phenomenon. With that news, we'll be expecting to rain during summer days and it's kinda good and bad. Good, as it can lessen the humidity and heat that we've been experiencing every summer time and Bad because, summer means the time to go on vacations and it's not fun when it's always raining.

Anyway, I just hope that this summer it's not going to be that bad and hoping that we'll have the time and money to go out of town or just have a picnic anywhere.

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  1. We have had such a wet year already in the Chicago area. I hope that the summer isn't quite so eventful. Here we are in March, though, and still having 20 degree weather, so who really knows what mother nature has up her sleeve?!


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