Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On Medication

Yes, I'm back! Not that I'm gone for too long but I'm happy that some of my worries are gone already. Thanks to my friends and family who supported and encouraged me to see the doctor asap as I'm having troubles with my digestion.

I guess you have read that I'm afraid to consult a doctor but finally I did it last week and I underwent some few medical procedures last Monday. The results where impressive but my doctor assured me that nothing is so serious about it. She just gave me medications for 2 weeks and gave me lots of pointers on what to do. I have some food restrictions at the meantime until I feel well.

I'm on medication right now for 2 weeks and I'll be back to my doctor for follow up check up. I'm very positive that I'll be very fine after that and will go back to normal already. Thank God!

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  1. i agree with your comment medication is good for our health


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