Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Outside my window…it's already so dark. The wind is blowing gently and a little bit cool.

I am thinking… of finishing the digital scrapbooking kit that I'm making. I also need to sleep a little bit late tonight as I'll wait for the e-mail of my sister overseas.

I am thankful for…all the work blessings and for health that seems to be becoming stable.

From the kitchen…I just finished re-heating the Pork with Green Beans that I cooked for lunch today. At first, it tastes bad but when I added some sugar, it became a lot better.

I am wearing…my very duster and a pajama because the mosquitoes are biting me already. :(

I am going…to watch the news later after my dinner. I'm following the developments on the Japan earthquake and tsunami crisis.

I am hoping…that there'll be no more aftershocks that will happen in Japan. Also, I'm hoping that there'll be no more rally in Saudi as my sister and BIL are the

I am hearing…that there's no immediate threat of radiation will happen here in the Philippines.

Around the house…my mom and I are watching a local TV show (Willing Willie) that make our night more fun.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'll be going to the salon this Sunday because I failed to have my hair colored last week because I feel sick.

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