Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Digi-Scrapping, Work, and Health Stuff

Whoa, it's Wednesday once again and in no time it'll be weekend once again. Here's an update on my scrapping, work and health lately.

Digital Scrapbooking
I had a full week of free time last week so I took the chance to finish the digital scrapbooking kit that started in February. I finished it last week and since yesterday, I've been making quickpages and templates out of this kit. Actually, it's a Mother's Day kit that I'll enter at Artscow's competition in the next week. I hope I can win again so I can buy more CU elements that I can use and I have extra money for the things that I want to buy.

Last week was pretty slow for me and my other blogger friends and I could hear some of them complaining. I know they need the work and money because they all have family and kids that's why they want some work so badly.

Today, I was happy to see a notification from paypal that some money entered in myaccount. After 6 months or so, a company that owed me a good some of money paid me today eventhough the payment is not full. Yey, for that!

I feel much better these couple of days for I have finished drinking all my medicines. I'm eating healthier now. I try to cook veggies all the time and try to include TOFU or tokwa all the time in my dishes as this is one of the best calcium supplement that we can take naturally. It's delicious and very healthy too. My mom is also buying me bananas as I got low potassium levels in my blood lately that resulted in my dizziness and muscle weakness about a week ago.

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