Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Summertime

Oh dear, it's summer already in our neck of the woods. It is evident because the temperature already ranges from 34C and up most especially in the afternoon. You can't go out of he house without your sunnies, umbrella or your hat because the scorching heat of the sun can burn your skin immediately. The consolation that we can get when it's sunny is that our laundry will dry very easily hehe.

Soon, classes will end already for many, though many of the students in some schools already had their summer break. Now, I'm hearing my nephews asking their parents to buy them buy ps3 games and to enroll them at summer classes. I guess my nephews and nieces in elementary and highschool still has a week in school before they will finally settle at home.

I just hope this summer will not be too humid, which I bet will be.

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  1. Did you ever noticed that most summers now are cooler than before? I guess they are right, the world is shifting and for most countries that are tropical,it can be both a relief and disaster.I just hope they only go as hot as a breeze on a weekend :)

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