Wednesday, February 6, 2019

3 Unconventional Vacation Ideas – Travel Abroad with a Twist

Bored of the same road trip to the parent’s trailer on the coast? Tired of sitting at home on the games console? We’ve provided some ideas to spice up that fortnight vacation. Depending on the season, this could be your time to truly shine.

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Survive in Alaska
Many Alaskans live there because they say it is the last place in the world where they can live how they want off the land. And what beautiful country it is, though locals will be the first to tell you that it isn’t for everyone, with a harsh climate and subsistence living using the wild resources around them.

With this way of life, the dollar bill isn’t as important as how sharp your axe is, yet it is still a necessary part of their lives. This is where you, the tourist can come in. Some Alaskans are providing accommodation and teaching time to give keen learners a chance to get a taste of what it is to truly survive. Sleep and hunt in below freezing temperatures, making sure you have enough wood to keep you going through the night to survive. It’s a vacation not for the faint of heart.

Beauty and the Beach

A lot of people go on vacation and come back glum and fatter. Cosmetic surgery vacations are becoming more mainstream, but it is still seen by many as something risky, or perhaps something rich people would do. However, depending on your vacation preferences, recovering for a few days by a pool might be a pastime you would do anyway, and having a bonus of feeling better about your body when you get back home might suddenly seem more appealing.

Thailand has really been making itself a name for leading experts in cosmetic enhancement over the last couple of decades. Package vacations can be bought from companies for an all-inclusive experience, or maybe you want to shop around and buy things separately. For instance, one example of a procedure that can be procured, fat transfer to breast Thailand price can be around 180,000 Baht. Factor in recovery time at a hotel and flights, and you might start to think maybe this is the vacation for you after all.

Save a Species
Meaningful volunteer vacations can be so rewarding with the proper research. Once you know the money is going to the right places, and your time isn’t preventing a local from getting paid work, you know you will be on to a winner. They don’t necessarily give you comfort or luxury, but what you gain from the experience is immeasurable, and priceless. Charities and organizations such as Tortuga Feliz in Costa Rica give paying clients a chance to live on an electricity free island and walk the beaches for turtle eggs, saving them before poachers steal them to sell on.

By thinking outside the box, you can ensure you will be putting your hard-earned cash into making memories with the trip of a lifetime.

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