Saturday, November 17, 2007

PHOTOHUNT: I Love............

I love birthdays bec. it's my 40th b-day yesterday and i love celebrating it with 2 of my best friends way back in high school RACE and HELEN.

Last night we went out to dinner at Don Henricos in Sta. Lucia mall and we had a blast. We first strolled the mall and when my feet hurts that's the time we decided to eat lol. Actually we had a hard time where to dine because i was looking for a steak house, we never found one so we ended up eating at Don Henricos. We had an endless chit-chats talking about our highschool life, lovelife and more, the evening is not enough for us.

I love spending time with them bec. i feel loved and comfortable. Love ya guys!! Thanks for making my b-day special!!

with my bestfrend for life RACE

with Helen

Fettucini with white sauce

Buffalo ala chicken

Ceasar's salad w/ chicken breasts

(A bad shot of the restaurant)
I almost forgot to snap of pic of the resto and we are already far when i took this one.

Oh BTW, if you still want to join my b-day raffle you can join HERE. Winner will be announced Monday or Tuesday. Thanks.
Happy Hunting!!!

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  1. Happy birthday! It's great to celebrate birthdays. I love birthdays too because I get to feast.

    Mine is up for the first time. Do come by and share your thoughts.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. wow! ginutom mo ako Jen!hehehehe! nice talaga when u are with good friends and having good meal!!! hehehe!

  3. Happy Birthday Jen! Ang sarap ng mga pagkain!

  4. now! i'm hungry "hahaha". Mine is up 4seasons of my life and
    2Cents Worth . Hope you can visit me too. Happy Hunting !!!

  5. kaloka now im hungry to eat out! im gald you have fun during your B-day Jen.

  6. Happy birthday and the food shots are yummy indeed.

  7. what a beautiful post for today!! You are definitely well loved ☺

  8. Wow sarap naman nyan at Jen. Sana nakasama ako dyan sa kainan na yan nakakagutom yahahaha! Again, happy birthday ate Jen! God bless! :)

  9. By the way, here are my entries ate Jen if you have time to visit the ones I love - my family:

    Blessings in Life
    Tere's World

  10. awts! bulalo ala chicken???waaaa...i don;t know anybody here na may alam gumawa niyan...ginutom mo naman ako, hehehe...belated nalang jen:)

  11. Wow! Sarap ng pagkain ah!.... Happy belated eat day poh!... Been here nag basa at ang comment!...have anice day!...

  12. Belated Happy Birthday! :D kakamiss ang Don Hen ah! ;)


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