Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm back to work

After having a day off yesterday and having a nice dinner over at Don Henricos with friends bec. it was my birthday I am finally back at work. I woke up late this morning bec. I am so tired over last night, when I got to my store, I immediately logged in to see how many have posted over on my mini-bday raffle and I am thrilled to see that there are many who joined. Thanks again. I am still at my lazy-bday mode up to this time but I need to get moving bec. I have lots of opps to finish. There are days that there were none but today I need to stretch myself. There are many things to be done and I still need to accompany a friend probably on Tuesday to help her open a saving accounts instead of checking account at the bank.

Ciao every one and have a great weekend. Oh BTW i will post the b-day pics later today before i go home at night.

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