Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sissy's b-day !

It's my youngest sister's b-day today and I already called her on the phone this morning to greet her. She is living with her family in Sydney and she has 3 adorable and cute kids plus a loving and handsome husband (oh very generous too!). Just wishing her more b-days to come, good health and more blessings. See ya sister soon, i can't wait to pack my luggage hehehe. HAPPY B-DAY!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister. May she have more success and good health ahead of her. God bless!

  2. Dear Jen, thank you my dear for your email. I appreciate the info! Happy Birthday to your sister!! You are lucky to have each other. I tell my girls that all the time, esp. coz I dont have a sister. Anyway, thats nice to look forward to going to Sydney again..take care & have fun taking lots of pics using your new toy...hehe..


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