Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yay earthquake!!

It was exactly 12:25 on my clock when an earthquake shook us here in Pinas. I was in front of my pc when that happened and i thought i am just dizzy or something. My customer and I looked at each other and i said there's an earthquake. It only lasted for about 5 secs. and i heard it was an intensity 3 or 4. My mistake is i run outside to let my mom and others know that is has earthquake, i just dizzy afterwards.

My sis-in-law who is a high school teacher went home early today bec. classes were dismissed bec. of the quake. It was quite strong at the school and building (4th floor) where she is teaching. I hope in some other places no one is hurt.. NEWS HERE

Did you feel it and what are you doing when that happened?


  1. Dito wala akong naramdaman. heheheheh! layo ko eh. Naku sana ok kau dyan.

  2. i was in our office pantry when the earthquake strikes, di ko nga naramdaman my officemates just told me,dami ko kase work to finish that day and it kept my mind full kaya di ko napansin hahaha!


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