Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun Quiz site

Hello guys, it’s my birthday today and don’t forget to join the lil’ raffle I have for today. The details can be found below this post ok. I can't believe I’m already 40 today and what a great blessing it is to be alive today. I was blog hopping this morning and trying to invites friends to join my little fun for my blog when I stumbled upon a quiz site. I love answering memes and quizzes were I can put in my blog. It is sometimes funny to know the result afterwards. Anyway I am sharing you this new fun quiz site that if found and hope you can check out the result. Right now I am checking out and answering the quiz<? and I hope the answer is great bec. it is my b-day today.!!


  1. hi bes, got something for you in my 'A Beautiful Life' my favorite site kase you're one of my favorites -) pagpasensyahan mo na kas di ako digiscrapper eh lol!

  2. wow that was a long one!! anyway, I got the result!!!lol here's my result lol
    our ResultYour Result

    Raunchy Sexy You are full on sexy! If you were a dinosaur, you'd be a sexasaurus. Men can find it hard to compete with your one-track raunchiness. Just remember, you don't need to be a rip-roaring sex goddess 24/7 to be a turn-on. Sometimes, there's nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable just being herself.

    Happy b-day:)

  3. ooopppsss sorry i forgot I was still using my daughter Id hahahahha anyway happy b-day lol


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