Sunday, November 25, 2007

I hate it when it is noisy

My mom already knows that I hate it when she turns the volume of the TV up especially when I am working in front of my pc. I’d always tell her to put the sound down bec. I can’t concentrate of what I am doing. I am just irritable when the noise is just unbearable that I need to also tell the kids to get out of my way. I know I am hard when I am working bec. I need some peace to make me work. Arghhh…. Sometimes they are uncooperative but most of the times they understand me already.

With my trip to Australia hopefully be end of January next year, I know I will have to bear with my fear of heights again and aside from that, the deafening noise of the plane. I reckon I have to buy one of those travel ear plugs that will reduce the pressure on my ears. I saw one online and definitely it will be a good choice bec. the price is also affordable. I have to check that out soon.

Many people are also subject to too much noise bec. I saw some people listening to music with their earphones on almost the whole day. I believe that it will contribute to hear loss. For musicians who are also subject to constant noise they need to wear those musician ear plugs to protect their ears. And if you are bothered with your spouse’s snoring, you can put ear plugs for snoring and get the sleep you deserve at night.

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  1. I've actually considered picking up ear plugs myself just because noise irritates me. Can't stand to hear other people's radios, bass on cars, loud talking outside my house.

    Think I've got some kind of complex.


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