Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vacation Tag

Snagged this one from Yenny and i enjoyed answering them

1. When was the last time you went on vacation (where a vacation means time away from work/school and not at home)?

~Last May we went to my dad’s hometown for 3 days together with my relatives who came home from LA.
2. When on vacation, are you more likely to do and see as many things as possible or kick back and watch the world go by?
~When I had my vacation in Australia last 2006, my sis and I see to it that we will go to many places as much as possible. My broinlaw would also ask me where do I want to go and he’d let me experience things and places that I don’t normally do here in Pinas.
3. You’re visiting a new place. Would you rather go shopping or hit the museums?
~ of course SHOPPING! Nothing beats shopping you know haha
4. Where are your favorite vacation spots?
~Queensland in Australia… I had a blast there and soon we will be goin to the Great Barrier Reef .. woooohoo
5. Do you have any vacation-specific fears or worries, like a fear of flying or of forgetting your toothbrush?
~I love vacation but sometimes my tummy won’t cooperate .. so embarrassing lol

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