Saturday, November 17, 2007

My birthday is not yet over

Yes... you read it right! Eventhough my birthday is yesterday, I am still receiving text messages on my cellphone. I was really happy to get one from my long lost friend way back in college days. It was from my doctor friend Ruth. It was her bday also last Nov. 9.

Anyway, aside from that I will be having a small b-day party here at my brother's place tomorrow (Sunday) where I invited relatives and family. It will be just a small one, actually I don't want to have a party anymore but oh gosh they keep on teasing me to give them a blowout. Right now my sis in laws are cutting the meat and marinading them for tomorrow. I will be making the fruit salad tonight and we will make leche flan too. I will post pictures later... Don't forget to join my mini b-day contest if you want bec. it is still ongoing.

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