Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An argument with my sis-in-law

My sis-in-law is always the one takes care of our internet cafe when i will be out. Last Monday, before i went to to the mall to run an errand there is a customer that asks our printing services. Sis inlaw tried to open her file through networking using my own pc but unfortunately my pc unexpectedly froze when she used it. I got irritated a bit bec. there are times when she uses my pc it will froze/hang or will not work for some reasons.

So after the customer left, she told me that when i will leave next year i should lock my pc in the house so nobody will use it. I replied back with a different voice and that it all started. To make a long story short she wanted to close the store that day bec. she's angry at me.

I left w/o making peace at her but later in the evening when i come back home from shopping and all she was the 1st one to talk to me and we are already ok.. hahaha. And in turn i bought a nice maong pants for her daughter. It's good that we don't exchange too much harsh words to each other. Ahh i know this is normal, we always have misunderstandings with our loved ones, most important thing is the we have space in our hearts to forgive and forget.

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