Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don’t forget to call your loved ones here in Pinas this holiday

For many Filipinos living overseas I know they always miss home and they would always make it a point to call their relatives on the phone whenever they can. Pinoys are known to be family oriented and with strong family bonds that is why it is innate to us to miss our family and to think of them everytime. Calling overseas can cost a fortune though especially if they call on a weekly basis just to keep in touch.

One of the best solutions that many Filipinos found is through the use of calling cards where they can have more airtime at an affordable price and they can get it at PhoneCardsAvenue. Filipino calling card rates are as low a 5.2C a minute. PhoneCardsAvenue.

They have wide variety of long distance phone cards in the market and the best rate long distance international phone cards on the Internet today. And they just introduced 3% on every calling cards you’ll buy at them.You can buy these cards online at the comforts of your home, so you don’t need to drive just to get one. I am pretty sure during the holidays everyone will call their relatives, I have many relatives in the US too particularly in LA area so I guess these cards will be great and will come in handy for them. <

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