Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And the winner is........

Hello guys, how's your weekend? Mine was so busy till yesterday and i will make a post all about it. As i have promised i will be announcing today the winner on my mini b-day contest that I had since Friday.

First of all i want to THANK YOU all of you (i will not mention each one of you anymore) for your heartwarming birthday greetings for me, it made my birthday oh so special. I was really happy to see all your comments and messages.

So with no further adieu .......

All of your messages are truly heartwarming but when i read Tere's message for me, I was teary eyed (may kurot sa puso ko hehe) so i chose her as the winner..

CONGRATS TERE,!!!!!! give me your paypal addy and i will send you a small token.
Here is Tere's msg:
Happy Happy Birthday Ate Jenny!!! Wow life begins at 40!!!
I pray that you would always be granted with good health, sincerity and friendship from people you meet, peace of mind and heart, joy and happiness in everything that you do and may you offer each day for God's glory! May you be granted more blessings to share to people who need it most as we are often used as instruments to help people. Enjoy each day and the realization that the best things in life are indeed free! We just need to look around and find the precious and little gifts that God has already showered to us but we have just taken for granted. Love and never expect anything in return. Take care ate Jen and live life to the fullest. Remember that life is what we make it. God bless! Happy 40th birthday!!! :)
Again thanks to all of you!!
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  1. Wow ate Jen thank you! Honestly my message was sincere and it was not my intention to make you cry. Sensya na di kasi ako marunong gumawa ng poem. hehehe :) But I hope the tears were because of the realization that you are happy to have many friends and that you are blessed. Medyo senti talaga akong magsulat minsan. Pipigilan ko na sarili ko bago maubos ang page sa sulat ko. hehehe. nahihiya naman akong kunin yung gift mo. Paranag ako pa nag birthday. But I will take it as your gift for my baby CT. Meron bang instant ninang hehehe. Kapal noh ginawa pang ninang. Am really happy at naappreciate mo ang message ko. For your gift to CT, here's my email: mtprn77@yahoo.com.

  2. Congrats Tere, i was just senti at that time when i read it hehe

  3. Nice nga pinili mo, Jen, she wrote it well, pipiliin ko din kasi senti at nicely put together. Great choice.


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