Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Firefox Won't Let me View Some Photos

Oh dear, I'm already getting annoyed with my Firefox 3.5.8 version for a while now because there are times I can't see some of the photos that I have here on my blog and other blogs!!

I already uninstalled the old version and installed this new fresh version but it's still the same and now I don;t know what's wrong with it. I can view pictures properly using IE, Opera and Chrome browsers but not with my FF !!

Is there anyone here experienced the same? Can someone help me fix it :(


  1. You might need to clear the cache in Firefox, I've experienced a similar problem with video content not displaying properly.


    Then find the NETWORK tab and click CLEAR NOW

    Hopefully that will sort out the problem for you.

  2. Thanks David for the tip.. but I already solved the problem that I'm having/... here's my post about it: http://www.jennys-corner.com/2010/03/how-to-solve-problem-if-firefox-wont.html


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